Formerly Stamford United Church and Lundy's Lane United Church

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10 AM | Sunday

3855 St Peter Ave,

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, L2J 2N7    


 Building on a firm foundation,
  Stamford Lane United Church
celebrates God’s presence,
follows Christ’s teachings
and reaches out to all people
sharing the Word, sacrament,
fellowship, and music
a supportive, caring and accepting community.

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Stamford Lane United Church

We reach out together with:
Family Mental Health Support Network,
Niagara Caribbean Workers Ministry,
Hospital Worship and Pastoral Care,
Project S.H.A.R.E., Famine Relief,
Community Outreach, Treblaires,
Worship at Senior Residences,
Niagara Warehouse of Hope,
Women’s Place Niagara,
Kiwanis Music Festival,
Habitat For Humanity,
Light Of Day Canada,
Well Springs Niagara,
Cave Springs Camp,
Transitions Canada,
Brock Chaplaincy,
Meals On Wheels,
Hurricane Relief
Faith and Light,
Local Students
Guardians of Hope,
Foster Child in Bolivia,
The Mission & Service &
World Development and Relief of

The United Church of Canada