We get together so we can reach out together.

Stamford Lane United Church

We reach out together with:
Family Mental Health Support Network,
Syrian Area and Niagara Area Refugees,
Life Donation Awareness Association,
Niagara Caribbean Workers Ministry,
Hospital Worship and Pastoral Care,
Project S.H.A.R.E., Famine Relief,
Community Outreach, Treblaires,
Worship at Senior residences,
Niagara Warehouse of Hope,
Pathstone Mental Health,
Women’s Place Niagara,
Kiwanis Music Festival,
Young Carers Initiative,
Foster Child in Bolivia,
Explorers, Scouting,
Alzheimer's Society
Guardians of Hope,
Meals On Wheels,
Transitions Canada
Hurricane Relief
Faith and Light,
Cave Springs Camp,
Brock Chaplaincy &
The Mission & Service,
World Development and Relief of
The United Church of Canada