Feb 17 Beatitudes 
            Luke 6:17-26

Feb 24 The Golden Rule
            Luke 6:27-38

            Fri. Mar. 1  In-Touch Luncheon 12:30pm
             Sat. Mar. 2         Chili/Trivia Night 
                         Hosted by Good News Women  $15

Mar  3 Transfiguration
Luke 9:28-43
          Sat. Mar. 9:  Java 98 Coffee House

 Mar 10           Lent 1     Mission Sunday
            Get your ticket to lunch.  

                        Thank you for all your support.

Regular Schedule :
You Are Invited to:         

Quilt With Us                  Mon. 10-2pm
Walk With Us                  Mon. 10-11am
Praise Team                     Mon. 7-8pm
Restorative Yoga             Tues. 10-11am
Bible Study                      Tues. 6:30-8pm
Treblaires                        Tues. 7-10pm
Church Council               1st Wed. 7pm
Restorative Yoga             Wed. 7-8pm   
Good News Women         2nd Wed. 7pm
Walk With Us                  Thurs. 10-11am
Hatha Yoga                      Thurs. 10:30-11:30am
Rainbow Ringers             Thurs. 6:30-7:45pm
Explorers                         Thurs. 6:45-8pm
Adult Choir                      Thurs. 8-9:30pm
Sew With Us                    Fri. 10-2pm
In-Touch Luncheon        1st Fri. 12:15pm
Faith and Light               2nd Fri. 6-9pm
Children’s Choir             Sat. 11:30am
Teen Choir                       Sat. 12:00noon
Java 98 March & April  2nd Sat. 7-10pm
Sunday School                 Sun. 10:00am
Worship                           Sun. 10:00am  

     Please call the office to confirm schedule 905-354-8841
     or check the website calendar www.stamfordlaneunited.ca


Please call the office today to sign up to:
Greet, Usher, Audio Visual, Serve at Receptions,
Visit, Teach Sunday School, Read, Lead Nursery…

Restorative Yoga 
 Kristyn Schram  lessons. Tuesdays 10:00am.  Wednesdays 7:00pm.  Thursday 10:30am

invite you to lunch for $6  1st Friday Oct - May
Get a Pre Authorized Remittance form from the office to give directly and regularly to Stamford Lane United Church. treasurer@Stamfordlaneunited.ca

Church Management Software we chose:

Join a choir:   
Marjorie Slinn (marjories2011@gmail.com)

Cave Springs Camp
can include you sponsored by Stamford Lane

Faith and Light
Friendship Room from 6:00 to 9:00 pm on second Friday of the month

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